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Atlas Property Management has serviced the greater Tulsa area since 2002. We continue to manage both apartment complexes and single-family homes.

Why Choose Atlas?


Teaming with Atlas grants you access to a host of resources that further your money and grow your investments. Here are just a few of the things we provide:

Qualified Maintenance
1. Access to a journeyman plumber for a fraction of the cost of contractors
2. A jetter, leak locator, and 4 plumbing snakes
3. An HVAC journeyman and 3 additional EPA certified workers

Reduced Costs
1. AppFolio software ensures extreme automation through online payments, reducing company time and cost of labor.
2. Quarterly inspections for water leaks and other wastes

    • a. Marquis water bill 2013 avg: $19.4k


    b. Marquis water bill 2015-16 avg: $17k

3. Bulk pricing and wholesale

    • a. Save 10% on liability insurance


    • b. Save 5% on supplies


    c. Save $2,400 – 2,700 per A/C replacement

Convenient Access
1. Turn-key management of local workers that look for ways to save you money
2. CPA on staff for ease with tax preparation
3. Management team that attends NARPM and NAA conferences annually to stay current on trends and technology
4. Fiduciary reputation



I switched to Atlas thinking the transition to a new manager would be very difficult, but in fact they made it very easy. They are excellent property managers. They are capable, accurate, and efficient. They care specifically about doing a good job on my property — or in short, they care. In two weeks they achieved what no property manager has achieved for me in 6 years: 100% occupancy.
Brett Batson, 2016, owner Verity 4 Apartments and single-family home

Through the years Atlas has operated our apartments with efficiency and a great return on our investments. Atlas has personally managed other buildings for me with excellent results. I would encourage any property owner who is torn with his or her current situation to give Atlas a chance to experience a better return on the investment.
– Ryan Barry, 2016, owner Berry Creek Apartments and Taggart Properties LLC

Example of Fee

Please contact us for a quote specific to your assets.

Example of a management fee for apartments:

  • 4 – 5% of gross income

Example of a management fee** for single-family homes:

• 9% of gross income
• Late fees
• Maintenance employee time at our cost
• $75/hour plumber
• $65/hour HVAC professional

• 75% of first month’s rent
• Freon at wholesale cost
• Furnace / AC at wholesale
• Parts at wholesale

**This fee covers all of the following:

• Leasing agent time and cost
• AppFolio software

• Reports and reporting
• Reduced labor prices

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918.550.8975 fax

701 W. Queens St, Ste. 400
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