About Us

Atlas Property Management

Atlas Property Management has serviced the Tulsa and Broken Arrow areas since 2002. We excel in minimizing costs while maximizing profit and maintaining updated, modern, and well-managed homes and apartments.

Atlas Property Management has a staffed plumber and approximately 20 maintenance employees, allowing work to be completed much quicker— and much cheaper— than hiring through contractors. We have 20 office staff and a local management team.

We continue to minimize costs through Energy Star efforts and maximize profit with nearly 100% occupancy at all times. We pride ourselves on having just a 1-week turnover on most units due to our competent and efficient maintenance and management teams.

We manage other properties as well. Please contact us for further information and rates.

“The first week we bought Bristol Park, I noticed a cleaning lady mopping up a small flood in the laundry room. She said it happened twice a week, and it would take her an hour to clean. I came to find out that this ‘small leak’ had been going on for 3+ years! The previous owners had 2 different management companies before they gave up on the property. Neither company was able to fix the problem. It took my plumber 8 hours to fix the problem for good.”
– Brent Doeksen, CEO Atlas


  1. Staffed plumber: At prices of $28/hour, versus $150/hour for hiring outside workers.
  2. Energy efficient: At Southern Elm apartments we replaced approximately 1000 bulbs with CFL that use 25% of the electric that incandescent bulbs use. The pay back on electric was 4 months.
  3. Polite and professional staff: Managers are the front line to the customer. We ensure work orders are completed in timely fashion.
  4. Streamlined system: We average 6.7 days from move out to move in across all properties, and we average 2 days from move out to rent ready.
  5. Maximized profits: We match market prices and collect late fees every time. At Evergreen apartments average late fees are $3,549 per month.
  6. Quality Assurance: A professional from corporate inspects every unit every three months to ensure the utmost quality.



  • “I absolutely love my apartment. I love the staff and the maintenance crew. If I have a problem they are quick to solve it. Great environment. Safety is their number 1 priority.”
    – Anonymous review, apartments.com
  • “Have been here since March. Office ladies are easy to talk to and prompt to take care of issues and make an effort to resolve problems. They quieted down some of the noise. Their maintenance staff is prompt to fix stuff as well.”
    – Amanda Hopkins, 12/5/15, Facebook


  • “Me gusta mi apartamento y el servicio es Bueno.”
    – Anonymous review, 1/25/16, apartmentratings.com
  • “Overall, this apartment complex is a great value especially with all of the recent upgrades! I’ve lived here for almost two years now and love that we now have a gym and tanning bed! The staff in the front is super helpful and the maintenance guys are always polite and quick to make any repairs. It’s really easy to budget since all of the basic utilities are included in the rent. I would definitely recommend this complex to a friend!”
    – Jacob 1420, 1/21/16, apartmentratings.com
  • “Love all the new upgrades. New management is great, and they have done a lot to clean the place up. New laundry machines are really nice.”
    – John G., 1/26/16, yellowpages.com


  • “Clean with new carpet, stove, and like new appliances. I was blown away by the size of the apartment as well as the peaceful and quiet community. Great location with [an] outstanding price that you can’t beat anywhere in all of Tulsa. The management and staff are absolutely amazing as well. Super friendly and they take care of all your needs with the sense that [you’re] important to them and [not] just a number like other apartment complexes. One of the best decisions I have ever made moving here. THANK EVERGREEN APTS!”
    – Jason Carter, December 2015, Google reviews
  • “[We’ve] been here for almost a year. The office personal are very professional and easy to deal with.”
    – Des&Teal Rivers, 12/11/15, Google reviews


  • “I have lived in this complex for 7 months now, and this is the best apartment from all others. Through my years in Tulsa, I have lived in 6-7 different apartment complexes, and this is my favorite. The manager is nice, reasonable, and quite helpful. Maintenance is prompt and friendly. The Summit is a very safe, quiet, secure place to live, and I plan on staying for a couple of years here.”
    – Jayksee, 8/27/13, apartmentratings.com